A Review of Alberta’s Economy in 2019 and Overview of Ways to Eliminate Fossil Fuels Using Marxism

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  • This discussion is an overview of the Albertan economy in 2019 with suggestions to eliminate fossil fuels from the equation. With the current state of the climate, shifting towards sustainable energy will be integral in prolonging the success of our species. The Albertan economy is based heavily on unsustainable energy, and without proper economic reshaping, falling future demand for petroleum products could have catastrophic outcomes for Alberta. Though technological innovation is extremely important in sustainable solutions, economic structure and adaptability is fundamental in the implementation of these new technologies. Current political initiatives and the prevailing capitalist ideology of the world economy are counter-intuitive to helping the climate. Therefore, this project uses Marxism to shape the economy and to provide potential solutions that are not solely based on helping the environment but that encompass the entire system. The best solutions are those that do not simply focus on one issue and aspect, but that holistically approach all facets of the economy and provide benefits to all. Using Marxism, this project will review the current state of the Albertan economy and provide suggestions to shift from petrocapitalism to a sustainable, social welfare focused future.

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