Laboratory core flooding experiments for bio-conversion of coal with overburden pressure

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    Guha, Arnab
  • An experimental facility was constructed in order to examine the feasibility of the coal bio-conversion under the application of confining pressure. The main purpose
    of this work was to investigate the effect of confining pressure on methane generation.
    Core-flooding experiments were conducted for 180 days using a Hassler type core holder with confining pressure at 6205 kPa(g) and back pressure at 3447 kPa(g). Crushed coal with total mass of 666.5 grams and particle size ranging from 150-250 microns was packed inside the core holder. Calculated porosity and permeability of the porous media were 35.65% and 8.53 mD, respectively. The core was flooded initially with 2.2 pore volumes (PV) of mineral salt medium (WR-86) and Tryptone solution to achieve a fully saturated porous media. This was followed by inoculation with 1.3 PV of microbial culture solution (QSAF). In-situ temperature measurements at different locations of the coal pack were obtained using T type thermocouples. Confining pressure had a positive impact on methane generation. Carbon dioxide production was less in the case of core flood runs operated with confining pressure in comparison to the literature results operated without confining
    pressure. The metabolites formed during the bio-conversion process confirmed anaerobic biodegradation of coal constituents. The temperature of the coal pack was relatively constant throughout the core flooding experiments.

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    Fall 2014
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    Master of Science
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