Learner readiness and perceptions of Web-based learning

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  • This paper provides some insight into students' performance and perceptions within the context of an introductory psychology course in which Web-based materials and activities were used to enhance teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes. The paper begins with an overview of the development and implementation of this French-language WebCT course. The rationale behind the adoption of WebCT and the use of a number of its tools are also discussed. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this pedagogical approach, we collected quantitative and qualitative information on student performance and perceptions from a number of sources throughout the term. The data highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of this particular use of online teaching and learning support.

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    • Boeglin, J. & Campbell, (2002). Effects of Learners' Readiness on Their Perceived Learning Outcomes. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology. 28(2), 3-20.
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