Exploration of the Role of Digital Literacy in Refugee Migration and Resettlement

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  • Objective: To explore the role of digital literacy on refugees as they resettle in Edmonton, Canada, and identify supports to help them in overcoming gaps in education, employment and strong community support systems. Methods: This study used a qualitative research method in a case study approach. Thirty two participants enrolled in digital literacy training programs at the Multicultural Health Broker Society (MCHB) and the United Cultures of Canada Association (UCCA) participated in a focus group discussion between June 18 and July 11, 2021. The focus group discussion focused on experiences with digital literacy, exposure to technology prior to migrating to Canada, experience with technology after migration, exposure of technology within the household, and journey in digital literacy with respective educational training (UCCA or MCHB). Using the data obtained from the participants’ responses, a content analysis was completed to examine patterns, similar struggles, and resolutions. (As cited in abstract.)

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