Multipath Oblivious Routing for Traffic Engineering - Stable and Robust Routing in Changing and Uncertain Environments

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  • Technical report TR06-11. Intra-domain traffic engineering is essential for the operation of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Demand-oblivious routing (Applegate and Cohen 2003) promises excellent performance guarantee with changing and uncertain traffic demands. However, it is non-trivial to implement it. We investigate an efficient and deployable implementation of oblivious routing. We study its performance by both numerical experiments and simulation. The performance study shows that the multipath implementation achieves a close approximation to oblivious routing (Applegate and Cohen 2003), especially when approximate knowledge of traffic is available. The study shows its robustness under varying traffic demands, link failures and an adversary attack. Its performance is excellent even with a 100% error in traffic estimation. We open the door for a deployable demand-oblivious routing, which can provide robust network services with good quality to network users. | TRID-ID TR06-11

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