Rule-based Application Integration using XML

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  • Technical report TR01-15. Application interoperability is a challenging problem because different applications assume different data types and control-of-processing models. Even when related applications are aggregated in so-called portals, it is up to the user of the portal to access the different applications, collect information, and then combine this information to access yet other applications. Babel is an information-mediation architecture for integrating multiple heterogeneous applications, by wrapping them and by specifying the logic of their interoperation in XML. The mediation system consists of a design time environment and a runtime engine as an integrated mediation system. The design time environment presents an easy to use GUI interface that automates the generation of mediation rules following an event-condition-action paradigm. The runtime engine provides a virtual machine for enacting the mediation rules as well as providing a workflow-based processing mo del based on the mediation rules. | TRID-ID TR01-15

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    Attribution 3.0 International