An overview of EDMAC: A plain TEX format for critical editions

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  • EDMAC is a set of plain TEX macros providing the ability to format critical editions of texts in the traditional way, i.e., similar to the Oxford Classical Texts, Teubner, Arden Shakespeare and other series. The principal functions that are added are marginal line numbering and multiple series of footnotes and endnotes keyed to line numbers. While EDMAC's inner workings are necessarily esoteric, it seeks to provide relatively simple macros to enable you to control the exact format of the edition, taking into account the need to vary the format for different sorts of texts.

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    © 1990 Dominik Wujastyk. This version of this article is open access and can be downloaded and shared. The original author(s) and source must be cited.
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    • Wujastyk, Dominik. & Lavagnino, John. (1990). An overview of EDMAC: A plain TEX format for critical editions. TUGboat: The Communications of the TEX Users Group, 11(4), 623–643.