Virtual application appliances on clusters

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    Unal, Erkan
  • Variations between the software environments(e.g., installed applications, versions of libraries) on different high-performance computing (HPC) systems lead to a heterogeneity problem. Therefore, we design an optimized, homogeneous virtual machine (VM) called a virtual application appliance (VAA). Scientists can package scientific applications, and all supporting software components, as VAAs and run them independently from the underlying heterogeneous HPC systems. However,
    securely moving data in and out of the VAA and controlling the execution of applications are not
    trivial for a non-computer scientist. Consequently, we develop two automated stage-in/stage-out
    secure data movement mechanisms. We also explore a migration mechanism to further simplify the
    control of the VAA execution.
    Empirical evaluation results show that VAAs achieve near-native performance in widely used bioinformatics applications that we tested. Data movement, VM boot up, shutdown and migration overheads of VAAs are negligible with respect to total run-times.

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    Spring 2010
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    Master of Science
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