The Effectiveness of an Edmonton Public Library Materials Pamphlet for Adults with Communication Disorders

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  • The Edmonton Public Library (EPL) contains a vast array of resources that have the potential to benefit individuals living with neurological communication disorders. This project builds on two previous projects, the latest of which developed a pamphlet for individuals with neurological communication disorders. This CSD 900 project involved shadowing adults with neurological communication disorders as they navigated the library using the pamphlet, and evaluated the possible barriers and strengths associated with the pamphlet. The observations from these visits guided us in determining the effectiveness of the pamphlet, and allowed us to make necessary adjustments to the resource before it is circulated within the speech-language pathology community. In addition, the participants provided us with insight on recommendations for future directions of this project. The overarching goals of this project and pamphlet were to help decrease the activity limitations and increase participation in the community for individuals with neurological communication disorders through increased engagement with the public library.

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