An argument with medicine and a search for manuscripts

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  • The subject of my current research is the intellectual world of physicians in India in the period 1550–1750. This is the period just before British colonialism became well established, and is the last period in which Sanskrit scholarship flourished independently of British educational and cultural models. At this time, Sanskrit was still the principle medium of exchange amongst scholars outside the Islamic courts. Contrary to common claims, it was also a time of lively and voluminous schol- arly activity: thousands of new treatises were composed in this period, on a range of subjects including philosophy, linguistics, astronomy, astrology, theology, liturgy, mathematics, law, and medicine. Ideas were not static and debates amongst thinkers in some disciplines began to display signs of impatience with ancient tradition, and a willingness to consider newness and innovation as intellectual virtues.

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    • Wujastyk, Dominik. (2004). An argument with medicine and a search for manuscripts. Friends of the Wellcome Library & Centre for the History of Medicine newsletter, 32, 6–9.
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