Recommendations for Improved Transitional Outcomes in Students with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders

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  • In the field of education, there is a disconnect between research and practice in the area of supporting students with emotional and behavioural disorders. Evidence-based practices exist, but practical barriers prevent consistent use. This paper aims to identify limitations and offer practical strategies to improve student transitional outcomes in an alternative school program. By reviewing the progression of research over the last 30 years, strategies that show promise for practical use are examined based on accessibility and reasons for non-use. Consideration is given to the realities of school structures and challenges which may prevent regular use of effective practices. Recommendations designed by a reframing of promising practices are offered, providing workable strategies that address known obstacles. By directly responding to situational needs in a unique school setting, this paper modifies known strategies to fit a real situation, effectively demonstrating how it is possible to narrow the gap between research and practice.

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