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  • Fall 2015

    Wall, David G

    A Hole in the World is an open composition for prepared electric guitar, archival recording, and audio programming. Text-fragments culled from my father’s recorded autobiography serve as the focal point of the piece. Transformations of these text-fragments within the audio programming language...

  • Spring 2015

    Israelsen, Andrew S

    The Western classical system of musical notation is a powerful and flexible tool, one of proud heritage and expressive complexity. My interest has been to expand and reconfigure this tool to express and benefit my personal compositional interests. I aim to retain enough familiarity wherein...

  • Spring 2014

    Heney, Trifon

    Forest in the City is a soundscape composition for string orchestra (5/4/3/2/2), divided into two concentric circles consisting of inner and outer groups, and electronics. Spatialization of string orchestra, loudspeakers, and audience is a major focus of Forest in the City, as essential as...

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