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  • 2023-06-20

    Iqbal, Saad

    Submitted in the EDPS-537 (Indigenous Research Methodologies), the image is my digital land acknowledgment representing my positionality in Canada as an international student and guest on Indigenous lands. Each flipside has the same photograph of Edmonton's skyline taken near the River Lot 11,...

  • 2023-06-20

    Pigeon, Josh

    These 3D scans of pine marten skulls are part of a collection from Nordegg, AB. The pine marten is a mink-like predator that lives in the Northern Boreal forests of Canada. As you can see, there is quite a bit of variation between individuals. If you look closer, you will begin to notice...

  • 2023-06-20

    Xing, Yilu

    My creative research explores ideas around culture and its significance from a culinary perspective. During creating my installations, I work closely with my family members, research our family diet routine and regional heritage, and depict the transmission of cultures through lineage. As a...

  • 2023-06-20

    Rao, Supriya

    Edmonton's prosperity may be abundant, but unfortunately, not everyone has been able to reap its benefits. The issue of homelessness, poverty and accompanying social stigma continues to plague a significant portion of our society. The visual acts as a beacon of hope for the vulnerable, providing...

  • 2023-06-20

    Salvador Rohwedder, Caio

    Picture a student preparing for an exam with far too many books to read that are scattered across various libraries on campus. Even worse, none of the books are available for borrowing, so the student has to go back and forth between libraries to read them. Some books are so essential that...

  • 2023-06-20

    Breedt, Ed

    Drawing from French post-structural philosopher, Gilles Deleuze, I examine what social and political forces caused physiotherapy to create the concept of the body-as-machine, reducing the body down to parts which wear out, require fixing, replacing, and realignment. I argue that Physiotherapy has...

  • 2023-06-20

    Green, Nadia

    In many First Nation communities, the use of digital health technologies (DHT’s) in care provision are becoming commonplace. DHT’s make it possible to bridge the distance gap for health care services from urban centres to remote northern communities. However, not all communities have the...

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