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  • 1965-09-01

    Seale, Linda N.

    Yellowknife Old Town, looking east from Akaitcho Hall. Franklin Avenue centre, Back Bay to the left, Latham Island centre distance, Yellowknife Bay to the right. September 1965

  • 2011-01-01

    Seale, Linda N.

    View west from Pilots' Monument in Old Town, Yellowknife, NT, to the new town area, high rises and Yellowknife Bay. The tower to the left with a red top is the Con Mine tower or Robertson Headframe at the disused Cominco gold mine (demolished October 29 2016). The tower was a prominent landmark...

  • 1965-09-01

    Seale, Linda N.

    Franklin Avenue, Yellowknife, NT, looking east, September 1965. The drugstore was still in business in July 2001

  • 2021-01-01

    Wolach, Ronena

    The grasslands of North America have been dramatically changed by the conversion of native prairie to cropland. All in all, we have lost roughly 80% of North American grasslands, and about 75% of species at risk in Alberta are found in grassland ecosystems. Ferruginous Hawks, the largest hawk in...

  • 2016-05-01

    Parlee, Brenda

    Partners and collaborators involved in Tracking Change… identified the importance of engaging youth in all aspects of our research project including the definition of research priorities and key issues for study. Some of the youth/young adults involved in the project will be graduate students...

  • 2014-01-26

    Campbell, Sandy

    A banquet table for foreign dignitaries was laid out with zakooskee, a selection of small dishes traditionally eaten with vodka before a large meal. In this case the zakooskee included cold meats and fish, salads and a variety of fresh fruits.

  • 2008-08-04

    Seale, Linda N.

    Zodiac aground on underwater delta or gravel bar, off the mouth of a stream at Diskobukta, SE coast of Edgeoya, Spitzbergen, Norway. August 2008

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