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  • Rashomon for Wind Ensemble: a composition and an analytical essay
  • Reid, Darlene J
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  • Rashomon
    wind ensemble
  • Jun 23, 2010 8:58 PM
  • Thesis
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  • ABSTRACT Rashomon, a composition for wind ensemble, portrays a musical event—the simple motion of rise and fall—from three different perspectives, each assigned to one of the three movements. The underlying form, the basic gestural content, pitch material and instrumentation remain the same in the three movements. Each movement consists of five sections: an introduction, a statement of melodic material, a trumpet statement of melodic material, an ascent to the highest point and a resolution. Rashomon has four main gestural components: compression/expansion, rise/fall, interruption or interjection and the stasis of sustain or residue. The gestural material develops gradually from the start of Rashomon I, where these ideas are introduced, through to the end of Rashomon III. Pitch movement in wind ensemble works structured for advanced secondary school or university wind ensembles needs to be sensitive to the difficulties inherent in the ensemble’s unfamiliarity with atonal patterns. Many instrumentalists at this level find that an increase in dissonance complicates their intonation and large intervallic leaps stretch their technical abilities. The pitch content of Rashomon takes these possible restrictions into consideration in order facilitate a quality performance while maintaining the pitch organization of a modernist work. The use of simple gestural components, perceptual similarity of form, combined with a driving and aggressive nature, aids in the accessibility of the work for the wind ensemble and its audience.
  • Doctoral
  • Doctor of Music
  • Department of Music
  • Fall 2010
  • Bell, Allan Gordon (Music, University of Calgary)
    Klumpenhouwer, Henry (Music)
  • Chan, Ka Nin (Music, University of Toronto)
    Gramit, David (Music)
    Read, Daphne (English and Film Studies)
    Schroeder, Angela (Music)


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