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  • Translating a Short Story by Hans-Jürgen Greif: Cats, Opera and Proverbs
  • Marks, Cynthia A.
  • English
  • translation
    short story
    Hans-Jürgen Greif
  • Mar 27, 2012 3:28 PM
  • Thesis
  • English
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  • This thesis discusses the challenges encountered when translating Hans-Jürgen Greif’s short story “N’appelle pas le chat pour mettre d’accord deux oiseaux” into English. In the first part, the thesis briefly examines a biography of Greif and his previous works, before identifying some of the difficulties observed during the process of translation. Particular attention is paid to the translation of proverbs and the challenges of translating the short story structure. The thesis then investigates the differences between sentence structures in the source and the target language, and how they affected the translation process. Following an overview of the opera world at the time of the story’s setting and how it may have influenced Greif’s work, the thesis provides an explanation of why this particular story was selected to be translated. The thesis concludes with an original translation of “N’appelle pas le chat pour mettre d’accord deux oiseaux” into English.
  • Master's
  • Master of Arts
  • Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Translation Studies
  • Spring 2012
  • Malena, Anne (Modern Languages and Cultural Studies)
  • Lynn Penrod (Modern Languages and Cultural Studies)
    Patricia Demers (English & Film Studies)
    Marie Carrière (Modern Languages and Cultural Studies)

Apr 24, 2014 4:51 PM


Mar 27, 2012 3:28 PM


Sintra Lewis