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  • On the relationship between historical faith and rational religion in Kant
  • Buijs, Peter T
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  • Kant
  • Jul 12, 2010 5:03 PM
  • Thesis
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  • This thesis is a detailed examination of the relationship between historical faith and rational religion in Immanuel Kant's philosophy, especially as presented in Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason. Due to recent contemporary philosophical debate about Kant's philosophy of religion, the goal of this work is to shed some light on Kant's perspective on revealed faith. This will be completed by first outlining the contemporary debate and Kant's treatment of historical faith and rational religion. The relationship will then be examined in depth by addressing two apparent contradictions in the relationship: the necessity of historical faith and the equality of historical faiths. From this a more general picture of the relationship will be illustrated that shows the unique role that historical faith plays in Kant's philosophy of religion and what implications that has for the recent debate and philosophy of religion in general.
  • Master's
  • Master of Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Fall 2010
  • Burch, Robert (Philosophy)
  • Dudiak, Jeffery (Philosophy, The King’s University College)
    Mos, Leo (Psychology)
    Rueger, Rueger (Philosophy)


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