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  • Microbial and Organic Matter Characteristics of Restored Riparian Soils
  • Card, Suzanne M.
  • English
  • Prairie Pothole Region
    restored wetlands
  • Apr 21, 2010 5:26 PM
  • Thesis
  • English
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  • In the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of Canada wetlands once utilized for agricultural purposes are being restored to their pre-existing hydrological state. The overall objective of this research was to assess differences in microbial community structure and soil organic matter between native (reference) and restored riparian soils of varying times since restoration. Samples (0-6 cm) were taken from a total of 43 reference and restored wetlands. The soil microbial community was described using phospholipid fatty acid analysis and soil organic matter was characterized by isolating carbon pools using acid hydrolysis and physical separation techniques. Differences between younger restored (1-3 yrs, 4-6 yrs) and reference soils were observed in terms of microbial biomass and composition, and carbon concentration and distribution among pools. Although the carbon distribution in the older restored (7-11 yrs) and reference soils differed, similarities in other measured variables indicated a recovery within this time period.
  • Master's
  • Master of Science
  • Department of Renewable Resources
  • Spring 2010
  • Quideau, Sylvie (Renewable Resources)
  • Quideau, Sylvie (Renewable Resources)

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