Sputtered magnesium aluminum and magnesium aluminum titanium alloys for hydrogen storage

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    Haagsma, Julian
  • Hydrogen storage has been a key area of focus in the clean energy field for over a decade, as it is a major obstacle to the widespread adoption of fuel cells for mobile applications. The aim of this thesis research was to improve the Magnesium Aluminum hydrogen storage system in order to make it operate faster and at lower temperatures, by kinetic and thermodynamic improvements. Magnesium Aluminium Titanium was examined as alloy additions were seen as a method to improve on Magnesium Aluminum. Improvements to kinetics were observed with Magnesium Aluminium Titanium, but no thermodynamic improvements were found, and hydrogen was stored predominantly as alpha magnesium hydride. Median charging times of less than 15 seconds to 90 percent of maximum capacity were found in 85Mg7.5Al7.5Ti samples over 100 cycles, and a median of 5.29 weight percent reversible storage was found in 85Mg10Al5Ti.

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    Master of Science
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