Not Yet Earth

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  • Not Yet Earth examines the fluid boundaries between self, body and inanimate matter in the context of my own changing relationship with my body following illness. As it started to behave in ways that were damaging to me and that I had no control over, I had a visceral realisation that my body was not the same thing as my self. I explore this conflicted relationship between the body as self and as other through performative interactions in which I create structures and patterns with strips of discarded butcher’s meat. I work with meat because it occupies a space between body and inanimate matter. It is no longer animate but it has not broken down into earth. It is not a body and yet we attribute a similar potency to it that we would to a body and observe many of the same taboos around touching it. Through drawing, printmaking, photography and video I dig deeper into the symbolism of my ritual interaction with the meat strands to reveal the dissonance, anxiety and confusion of existing in a body that does not fully belong to me.

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