Aeroponic Potato Pot

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  • For my project in the 2021 Summer Research Program I designed an aeroponic
    potato pot. The task given was designing a small aeroponic pot that could be
    used domestically and tuber roots (ex: yam, potato) were going to be the niche
    purpose for the aeroponic pot. This choice was made because when gardening
    tubers it is common to lose some of the underground crop either from not
    digging it up or damaging it while digging it up but in aeroponics the root is
    exposed therefore harvesting would be more efficient. Potatoes were the specific
    crop decided on for research because of their versatility and how common
    potatoes are in people's diets. By the end of the Summer Research Program the
    design for the aeroponic potato pot had been 3D modeled.

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