A study of doxing, its security implications and mitigation strategies for organizations

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  • This research paper focuses on the impact of intentional and unintentional exposure or leakage of sensitive personal data elements that- when aggregated and used or disclosed in an unauthorized manner- could impact the employees of an organization. Doxing usually escalates to hacking, espionage and harassment. Such impacts could damage the reputation or competitive advantage of the organization; especially if the targeted employee is a senior management
    executive. Threat agents use doxing to collect data undetected, from targeted victims. Doxing is a mode of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), aimed at launching sophisticated attacks on individuals or employees of an organization, through the collection of personal information over time; as such, doxing is considered an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Some risk management strategies today, may not consider the risk associated with doxing; the objective of this research is to create its awareness and recommend methods for its mitigation.

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