A Grounded And Tunable Multi-Stable Nonlinear Energy Sink: Transient Responses

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  • In this paper, a piezoelectric energy harvester with a grounded and tunable multi-stable nonlinear energy sink (NES) has been developed to achieve vibration suppression (VS) and energy harvesting (EH) simultaneously. The NES consists of a cantilever beam whose free end is attached by a small magnet and a movable holder containing two magnets. And the three magnets face a stationary magnet on the base whose height can be manually adjusted. The mono-stable NES (MNES), bi-stable NES (BNES) and tri-stable NES (TNES) can be achieved by moving the holder along the beam or raising or lowering the stationary magnet manually. The electromechanical model of the system is derived from the lumped parameter model, and the magnetic force model is deduced based on the magnetic dipole approach. Next, a series of simulations are conducted to investigate the VS and EH performance of the systems with the grounded MNES, BNES and TNES under the low and high- level impact excitation. The simulation results depict that the systems with the MNES and BNES will have a better performance in VS when the excitation level is low and high, respectively, and the system with the MNES outperforms in EH among the three systems for both low and high excitation levels.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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