Experimental Analyzes Of Capsules’ Behaviour In A Curved Microchannel

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  • The interaction between a capsule (bubble or droplet) and a flow structure of the continuous phase can affect the properties of the liquids, cells, and particles transferring within the capsule. Channel geometry is a common example of the flow structure influencer. Investigating the effect of Dean vortices on the capsule trajectory and top view topology helps to understand the effect of such geometries on the content of the capsules. The effect of curvature length on the capsule shape and trajectory is studied as the azimuthal angle in high continuous phase flow rates. Capsules are generated from a 2-propanol-water mixture with a broad range of diameters 50 (μm) ≤ d ≤ 1000 (μm) in a microchannel with a 270° curvature. Experimental results and image processing schemes provide information on the variation of deformation index (DI) as well as the length and the width of the capsule. It has been shown that when the capsule passes through the curved channel, it migrates from the outer half of the channel toward the inner half. The length of the capsule experiences two peaks with 37% increase in comparison to its starting value through the channel. The width of the capsule is observed to have a reverse relation with the length.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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