Numerical Modeling Of Gravity Decantation Tank For Mine-Water Treatment In Underground Mines

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  • Reducing the overall mine-water consumption is a necessity in moving toward a more sustainable mining industry in Canada. Water treatment is a key requirement to achieve this goal. This study numerically investigates the dynamics of a decantation process as a technique to recycle and reuse mine-water. A three-dimensional mathematical model that considers the conservation of mass and momentum has been derived, validated, and implemented to simulate the turbulent two-phase flow inside a decantation tank. The framework of the validated model has been extended to examine the effect of various design and operating parameters on the efficiency of a full-scale decantation tank. The results compare the efficiency of multiple designs of the decantation tank in terms of the overflow water quality. The results indicate that the efficiency of the decantation tank increases with inner surface area, where a plain decanter with a tangential inlet pipe has the highest efficiency.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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