Isolation of Reactive Bonding Environments in the Main Group via New Donor-Acceptor and Kinetic Stabilization Pathways

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    Al-Rafia, S. M. Ibrahim
  • The research presented in this Thesis is focused on the synthesis of highly reactive molecules featuring Group 14 elements with the aim of discovering new bonding environments which can be translated into new forms of reactivity. Kinetic stabilization with the use of sterically demanding ligands containing umbrella-shaped triarylsilyl groups was one of the approaches that was engaged in the pursuit of abovementioned goal. The area of research involving this strategy was the isolation of reactive bonds such as Ge=O and Ge=S double bonds. Due to the presence of a high degree of structural flexibility within the developed amidosilyl ligands, kinetic stabilization of the targeted reactive bonds was not successful. Nevertheless, the steric bulk offered by the amidosilyl ligands presented in this Thesis could be a useful component for future advancement of the transition metal chemistry. Electronic stabilization with the aid of Lewis basic donors and Lewis acidic acceptors was the other method explored to isolate reactive inorganic species in this Thesis. This donor-acceptor stabilization protocol was employed to isolate parent heavy Group 14 methylenes (EH2), ethylenes (H2E-EH2), hydridoamides (EH-NHDipp; E = Si, Ge and Sn) and oligo dichlorogermanes [(GeCl2)x, x >2]. The isolation of these reactive molecules in the form of stable adducts represents a promising avenue to study the chemistry of these species under milder condition (with possible applications as precursors to nanomaterials envisioned).

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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Chemistry
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    • Rivard, Eric
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    • Bergens, Steven H. (Department fo Chemistry)
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    • Müller, Jens (Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan)
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    • de Klerk, Arno (Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering)