Financial market services: Climate finance and climate change adaptation

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  • Financial market service describes a marketplace where financial assets (e.g., equities, bonds, currencies, loans, and derivatives) are traded. Climate finance refers to the trade of financial assets, within a market, for the purpose of financing projects that combat adverse effects associated with climate change. Most discussions on climate finance also include a discussion on climate finance flows, i.e., who is contributing financial resources and how much, and what types of assets are being traded and for what specific purpose. Simply put, climate finance flows refer to the breakdown and movement of climate finance from funding sources to climate projects.

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    • Singh, A., Birchall, S.J. (2019). Financial market services: Climate finance and climate change adaptation. In WL. Filho, PG. Özuyar, PJ. Pace, U. Azeiteiro and L. Brandli (Eds.), Climate Action, Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. London: Springer.
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