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Discovery of Predictors of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Vaccine Response Efficiency in Pigs: 16S rRNA Gene Fecal Microbiota Analysis

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  • The gut microbiota comprises a large and diverse community of bacteria that play a significant role in swine health. Indeed, there is a tight association between the enteric immune system and the overall composition and richness of the microbiota, which is key in the induction, training and function of the host immunity, and may therefore, influence the immune response to vaccination. Using vaccination against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) as a model, we investigated the potential of early-life gut microbiota in predicting vaccine response and explored the post-vaccination dynamics of fecal microbiota at later time points. At 28 days of age (0 days post-vaccination; dpv), healthy piglets were vaccinated, and a booster vaccine was administered at 21 dpv. Blood samples were collected at 0, 21, 28, 35, and 118 dpv to measure M. hyo-specific IgG levels. Fecal samples for 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing were collected at 0, 21, 35, and 118 dpv. The results showed variability in antibody response among individual pigs, whilst pre-vaccination operational taxonomic units (OTUs) primarily belonging to Prevotella, [Prevotella], Anaerovibrio, and Sutterella appeared to best-predict vaccine response. Microbiota composition did not differ between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated pigs at post-vaccination time points, but the time effect was significant irrespective of the animals’ vaccination status. Our study provides insight into the role of pre-vaccination gut microbiota composition in vaccine response and emphasizes the importance of studies on full metagenomes and microbial metabolites aimed at deciphering the role of specific bacteria and bacterial genes in the modulation of vaccine response.

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    • Munyaka, P. M., Blanc, F., Estelle, J., Lemonnier, G., Leplat, J.-J., Rossignol, M.-N., Jardet, D., Plastow, G., Billon, Y., Willing, B. P., & Rogel-Gaillard, C. (2020). Discovery of Predictors ofMycoplasma hyopneumoniaeVaccine Response Efficiency in Pigs: 16S rRNA Gene Fecal Microbiota Analysis. MICROORGANISMS, 8(8).