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Navigating the SoTLscape: a scholar’s guide to a complex space

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  • Metaphors are often drawn from the physical (earthly) world to help portray complex ideas. For example, personal learning has been conceptualized as a journey across a Landscape of Practice (Wenger-Trayner and Wenger-Trayner 2014; Kensington-Miller et al. 2021). Over time, practitioners may move between communities, have membership in more than one community, and develop the capacity to contribute to knowledge and practice within one or more communities. However, three-dimensional representations are too simplistic for the ideas we are trying to get across in SoTL and the definition of SoTL continues to be contested. The purpose of this poster is to conceptualize and present Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a multidisciplinary, six-dimensional space. Dimensions in this case means the number of “co-ordinates” you need to describe the location of something within the space (i.e. a mathematical definition). Therefore, this poster poses the questions: What if we boldly went beyond 3? and How can illustration help us understand the complex, six-dimensional SoTL space? This poster will integrate multiple ideas from the SoTL literature and visually present SoTL as a six-dimensional, virtual space; with theory as the scaffolding that helps us to situate our findings and ideas in an existing conversation and to build upon prior work. The effectiveness of this illustrated approach and how well it resonates with practitioners will be assessed through conversation with poster session attendees.

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