The Effect of Anxiety on Trust Judgements

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  • Every day, our lives are filled with a variety of different trust judgements. When it comes to a relationship’s outcome, trust plays a key part in predicting whether or not it will last. If a relationship has trust, there is a good chance of it working out. One of the ways that people decide whether to trust someone or not, is how we “feel” during the moment of judgement. Our emotions during this time can play a key role in our decision to trust. In our study, participants in introductory psychology classes were asked to complete two tasks involving a series of questionnaires. For this study, we looked at how anxiety, attachment styles, and trust judgements are related. We also tested the affect-as-information model to see whether attribution of a particular emotion can influence perceived trustworthiness. Our results showed a marginally significant impact of mood and attribution on an individual’s trust judgements. Additionally, we found that attachment style did not significantly influence the trust judgements of individuals. The results and implications of this study, as well as directions for future research are discussed further throughout the paper.

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