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Impossible Set #8

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  • My intention, as an overall conceptual starting point, is inspired by an ongoing series of drawings I call “impossible set designs.” These drawings use scale, forced perspective, paradox, and weights and balances to create optical illusions that destabilize the spectator’s gaze. They are intended to be an unencumbered conceptual initiation towards the realization of actual sets, and function as a step in a process of transformative design, wherein the design constantly evolves and devolves in a continuum and determined by the eventual performance. The (im)possible drawings, when materialized as actual sets, will orbit around a matrix of consistent internal rules that create closed systems, which initially may not appear to make visual or logical or even physical sense, but are entirely rational when contextualized within the context of the theatre and the performance they support. // Program of study: MFA // Faculty/Department: Drama // Place of creation: Edmonton // Award: Semi-Finalist, Images of Research Competition 2019

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