A New Ballistic Limit Equation For Hypervelocity Impact On Honeycomb-Core Sandwich Panels

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  • Parameters of the honeycomb core, such as cell size and foil thickness, as well a s the material of the core, influence the ballistic performance of honeycomb-core sandwich panels (HCSP) in the case of hypervelocity impact (HVI) by orbital debris. A dedicated ballistic limit equation (BLE) that accounts for this influence ha s been developed in this study. BLE fitting was conducted using a database composed of entries resulting from physical and numerical experiments. The new ballistic limit equation was based on the Whipple shield BLE, in which the standoff distance between the facesheets was replaced by a function of the honeycomb cell size, foil thickness, and yield strength of the HC material. The BLE demonstrated excellent accuracy in predicting the ballistic limits of HCSP, when tested against a new set of simulation data, with the discrepancy ranging from 1.13% to 5.58% only. The new BLE can be recommended for use in the design of spacecraft orbital debris shielding involving honeycomb-core sandwich panels.

    Part of the Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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