Thick Skins

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  • My art depicts the multiple facets of my experience growing up in Brazilian patriarchal society. My practice focuses on reflections about the scarring that patriarchal society has imprinted on me and how it shaped my world views and self-esteem (Brown, Not Outside the Range 109); a small sample of the sustained (insidious) trauma women have to endure under patriarchy (Erikson, Notes on Trauma and Community, 185). Since I started living in Edmonton, I have felt more confident to delve into my past experiences from a new, more fruitful vantage point. This body of paintings is the result of working from the imagery of myself and from the model. I see our bodies as clay for me to digitally shape, distort, and scar; they bridge the gap between our experience of trauma (Erikson, Notes on Trauma and Community, 186). I am interested in the ways my relationships with the model provide me with tools for self-discovery and self-acceptance and how bonding through our shared trauma lays the foundation for healing (Erikson, Notes on Trauma and Community, 187-188). Additionally, I am fascinated by how those experiences enter the realm of Post-Humanism, Cyborg Theory and offer insights on what it means to be human. Through art, I engage in a cathartic process which I share in this exhibition.

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