Don't Make Me Type: A Study of Students' Perceptions of Library Catalogues on Tablet Computers

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  • The objective of this mixed methods pilot study was to ascertain university students’ perceptions of online library catalogues using tablet computers, to determine how the participants used tablets and whether or not the NEOS consortium catalogue (NEOS) played an important role in the participants’ academic research. The researcher recruited four students from the University of Alberta who were each asked to use NEOS to complete a series of simple timed usability tasks on a tablet computer of their choosing. The participants also answered a variety of semi-structured interview questions regarding their tablet usage, internet browsing habits, device preferences, general impressions of NEOS, and whether they were receptive to the idea of a mobile NEOS application. Overall, the students found the functionality and design of NEOS to be adequate. Typing, authentication, and scrolling through lists presented consistent usability problems while on a tablet. Only one participant was receptive to the idea of a NEOS application, while the other three participants said tablets were not conducive to conducting academic research and that they preferred using a web interface on a laptop or desktop computer instead.

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    • Christiansen, E. (2015). Don’t Make Me Type: A Study of Students’ Perception of Library Catalogues on Tablet Computers. Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library of Information Practice and Research 10(1), Retrieved from
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