Creating a Framework for the First Alberta Aphasia Camp: Literature Review, Interview Results, Logistical Research, and Insights from a Visit to the Aphasia Camp Northwest

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  • This paper outlines the authors’ efforts in researching and laying the framework for the inaugural aphasia camp to be implemented in Alberta, the Alberta Aphasia Camp (ABAC). This includes a review of previous research discussing the benefits of non-traditional therapy for people living with aphasia (PWA) and their caregivers. Additionally, this paper includes summaries of interview results with local PWA and family members regarding their preferences for a camp, the selection process of a camp location, and information regarding the authors’ visit to the Aphasia Camp Northwest (ACNW) in Portland, Oregon. This combination of findings provides the basis and rationale for the creation of the ABAC as well as recommendations for implementing the camp. The ABAC model is intended to provide an opportunity for PWA and their spouses, family and/or caregivers to enjoy respite in a therapeutic and supportive environment, aiming to foster re-engagement in life activities.

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