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Canadian Legislation on Excessive Speeding: Successful intervention through penalty increases

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  • Excessive speeding is a global problem experienced on roads all around the world. The impacts of this behavior on the safety of all road users have led many jurisdictions to adopt more significant sanctions when dealing with such offenders. This paper assesses the impacts of adopting more significant sanctions against excessive speeders in Canada while also considering issues which should be explored when adopting such a policy. The paper uses ARIMA intervention analysis to assess changes in fatal collision data since the adoption of stronger penalties. The changes were assessed for statistical significance, and the magnitude of the change was quantified. In general, the findings show that the legislative changes allowing for stronger penalties were associated with significant drops in province-wide fatal collisions. Reductions in the mean level of monthly collisions ranged from 5% to 22% at the three provinces. Moreover, the paper highlights four major areas, which must be considered for jurisdictions attempting the adoption of such a legislation.

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