Image Databases: A Content-Based Type System and Query By Similarity Match

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  • Technical report TR99-03. The use of on-line image repositories is growing and becoming commonplace. Due to the inadequacy of traditional databases in handling complex images and voluminous data, new designs and techniques are needed to efficiently organize, store, manage and retrieve images. It is felt that the Structural Query Language (SQL) and Object Query Language (OQL) lack the expressive power to describe image queries. Recently the Multimedia Object Query Language (MOQL) which is an extended version of OQL was defined in a PhD thesis at the University of Alberta. As part of the DISIMA (Distributed Image Database Management System) project, one goal of this report is to design and implement a content-based generic type system to support the storage and retrieval of images. The other goal is to design and implement a query parser and engine for the MOQL extension. There has been research conducted in this area but most of it is application specific, focusing on selected features. The type system, discussed in this report, integrates all the features into a framework, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of applications. | TRID-ID TR99-03

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