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A list of the sound files that I used in my final assignment sound piece.

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  • The Mythstory of Bamfield
    Created by Lucinda Johnston
    A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Acoustic Ethnography

    at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

    Instructor: Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, and Jennifer Schine
    Teaching Assistant: Pietro Sammarco

    ©Lucinda Johnston, 1 Sept/16
    Home University: University of Alberta
    Visiting University: University of Victoria

    This acoustic ethnography studies the environmental sounds of the Bamfield community in order to answer such questions as what are its dominant sonic themes, and what can we learn from the sonic imagery about Bamfield and the people who live there? My research methods involved listening to and recording the sounds of the environment at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and in surrounding locales, as well as learning the history of Bamfield and its people by reading transcripts of local oral histories, listening to the corresponding audio files, and reading Voices of the Elders: Huu-ay-aht Histories and Legends, by Kathryn Bridge and Kevin Neary.
    The resulting sonic sculpture, “The Mythstory of Bamfield”, was inspired by the stories of Bamfield’s past inhabitants. It takes you on a journey through the world governed by the Four Great Spirits of the Huu-ay-aht Nation: Land, Above, Horizon and Undersea. The sounds that make up the sculpture include samples from our field recordings, vocal recordings, as well some open access sound files available from the Ocean Networks Canada.

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