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Knowledge Management Systems in Academic and Government Settings and Content Generation Methods

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  • This poster presentation compares how the University of Alberta Libraries and Service Alberta creates and manages its Content Management Solutions (CMSs). The CMSs for both organizations are contained in knowledge repositories that are updated manually by authorized individuals. As the body of knowledge in libraries and government offices continues to grow, having knowledge repositories allows organizations to have an online location for all the procedures and instructions to help run the day-to-day activities, and also provide services to their customers.
    Since both organizations manually create and manage content, these will be examined in depth using supported literature on knowledge management systems. In addition to manual labour to create content, the International Foundation for Information and Technology (IF4IT) predicts that Automated Content Generation (ACG) procedures may be used more in the future to create CMSs. Though there are many arguments for ACG in terms of quantity, quality, costs, and time, organizations will adopt a procedure for their knowledge repository that best fits with their organization.

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