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Pokémon Go to the Library!: Assessing Digital Trends at the Library

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  • This research presents the findings regarding digital trends within libraries, using Pokémon Go as a case study. It aims to add understanding as to why digital trends and keeping up with them are vital to all library systems and also to provide insight into how libraries can adopt future digital trends. A literature analysis is the basis of this study. By analyzing the professional literature surrounding the use of Pokémon Go within libraries, the author will identify the three libraries who are front runners within the field. The author will scan each of the library’s social media pages to discover whether or not they have successfully jumped onto the trend. Findings have illustrated that Public libraries are the frontrunners of Pokémon Go. Most libraries that have documented use of the game tend to come from the United States.

    This study will not look at every library with great detail. Rather, it will provide a broad analysis of those libraries that are key to the discourse surrounding Pokémon Go within the library. Since the game was initially released in the United States, libraries located there are more likely to be highlighted. It is hoped that this study will inspire libraries to better acquaint themselves with upcoming games and technology before they are released. That way, they can be accurately utilized before the trend has subsided. This is only of the academic study that specifically focuses on library’s involvement with Pokémon Go.

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