Acid Catalyzed Aromatic Alkylation in the Presence of Nitrogen Bases

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  • Coal pyrolysis liquids are rich in olefinic, phenolic and aromatic compounds, but traditional hydroprocessing destroys their inherent synthetic values. Acid catalyzed processes are not considered, because coal pyrolysis
    liquids also contain nitrogen bases. We aim to find appropriate catalysts that can
    conduct acid catalysis in the presence of nitrogen bases.
    Catalytic aromatic alkylation using phenol and 1-hexene without and with
    pyridine was selected as model reaction at 315°C. Different alumina and silicaalumina
    (1-40 wt% silica) catalysts were characterized. Siral30, the catalyst with
    the highest medium strength acidity, performed best when the feed contained a
    nitrogen base. Siral40, the catalyst with the highest strong Brønsted acidity,
    performed best in the absence of nitrogen bases. Hydration affected the
    catalysis and had to be controlled. Autocatalysis of phenol alkylation with
    alkenes can also proceed and was responsible for a minor contribution to the
    overall conversion. The reaction products were mainly ortho-C-alkylphenols.

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    Fall 2012
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    Master of Science
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