Progressive Aphasia and Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia: A Guide for Families v2

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  • Resources available to clients and their families about progressive aphasia (PA) are often missing experiential information about living with aphasia. In order to bridge this gap, the authors paired emotionally charged imagery along with academic research to provide a holistic understanding of PA. Most resources available to families do not include emotional side effects. The essay emphasizes the importance of a realistic approach to a difficult outcome for those with PA. In order to respond to declining conversational skills, supported conversation for adults with aphasia (SCA) can act as a ramp between the family members. SCA is an excellent tool to enhance PA clients’ communication; families need support to use it effectively at home. The authors designed the essay for distribution amongst Speech Language Pathologists and PA clients along with their families to encourage the use of SCA in the home. The featured SCA strategies are recommended for natural conversations outside the Speech Language Pathologist’s office.

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