Surface Oxidation of Millerite and its Galvanic Interaction with Chalcopyrite in Collectorless Flotation

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    Han, Jing
  • Surface analysis of millerite and chalcopyrite were performed to enhance the understanding of fundamental millerite flotation behaviour in single mineral and mixed mineral conditions. By studying the mineral surfaces without collector addition, the ambiguity about the origin of the formed oxidative species can be reduced. This thesis investigates the flotation of millerite mineral and the surface species that form by using XPS, cyclic voltammetry and other qualitative methods. Millerite is closely associated with chalcopyrite in industry and is known to float with chalcopyrite in flotation circuits. Mixed flotation of the two minerals in collectorless conditions showed that depression of chalcopyrite occurred at pH 12. To understand the effect of millerite on chalcopyrite, rest potentials, XPS and ICP analysis of the two minerals were examined. It was found that chalcopyrite acted as the cathode, inducing further oxidation of the millerite. By studying the interactions between millerite and chalcopyrite, it was concluded that millerite had a depressive effect on chalcopyrite due to the galvanic interaction. Further tests with the addition of xanthate showed changes to the rest potential, resulting in a significant decrease in the difference between the two minerals. Therefore, galvanic interaction would not play a role if collectors were added. The results of this study provide fundamental understanding of millerite behavior in single and mixed mineral conditions.

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    Fall 2021
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    Master of Science
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