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The Information Seeking Practices of Food Blog Readers

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  • This case study builds off previous research into the serious leisure practices of home cooks to understand what information blog readers seek, and share, in the comment section of a popular food blog. Current literature suggests that home cooks consult online sources more often than physical cookbooks. Home cooks' information needs are complex and greater than what could be met with the static information available in paperbound cookbooks. The findings of this study indicate that food blog readers who leave comments on recipe posts appear to be primarily interested in information related to the improvement or modification of recipes. While there is some interpersonal interaction and familiarity between readers and author, the main intention of those who comment seems to be asking questions about food and food preparation, or sharing their own related resources and opinions. Results of this study may be of interest to public library staff who may wish to consider what their patron’s information needs are in regards to recipes, and how they may be met beyond the provision of a collection of cookbooks.

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