A Generic Type System for an Object-Oriented Multimedia Database System

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  • Technical report TR96-14. This Technical Report is based upon an M.Sc. thesis in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. It describes the design of a generic multimedia database system that supports a wide class of documents. The design is characterized by an object-oriented approach and a strict adherence to the international standards SGML and HyTime. In order to support different multimedia applications, a multimedia type system must be flexible and extensible. This is achieved by defining a number of built-in types that model primitive multimedia objects, the spatial and temporal relationships between them, and characteristics that are common to all SGML documents and their components. Whenever support for a new class of documents is added to the multimedia database system, types modeling the characteristics specific to this class of documents are dynamically created and added to the type system. These types model the components and structure of the new document class.

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    Attribution 3.0 International