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Outlier Spaces: Obstructions

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  • Green's research is focused on campsites and shelters, transitional spaces, and extreme landscapes. His interests lie in the idea of camping and survival in wilderness spaces. Temporal and semi permanent architecture of the campsite and shack act as transitional sites - as spaces between the environment and culture. Our privileged desire to camp in the wilderness is linked to our desire for autonomy, and to commune with nature. The desire for places untrodden by humans exist as much as ever. My research tries to explore the history of wilderness areas, to show how we exist in the wilderness is just as constructed as campsites. This image is the outcome of my research. My artwork includes my own documentation together with appropriated images from historical exploration documents, wilderness survival books, and landscapes. These are merged with constructions of campsites and temporary shelters which stand in for both real and imagined human experience. The photographic elements combine with hand drawn elements: the documentary with the speculative, the imagined with the actual. This method of collage highlights the construction of ‘wilderness' and how we as a society build and break meaning depending on the various elements involved in the context of its use. // Program of Study: Masters of Fine Arts // Faculty/Department: Art and Design // Place of creation: Fine Arts Printmaking, Department of Arts and Design, University of Alberta

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