The Home

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  • For most of us, the borders of home mean security and a sense of belonging. The home can have a very wide and borderless concept or an architectural structure made of physical and cultural walls. In The Home series, I seek to explore those borders. To find a quintessential structure that best aligns with my concept. As an immigrant, my work seeks to navigate “The Third Space” 1as experienced by diasporic populations.
    Composing my structures in pictorial space permits more mystery and illusion. It is a fluid space where distortions like to dwell. These distortions are unique to each of us, defined by our individual and group experiences. Whether from cultural and geographical migrations, or globalization and the technological revolution; these filters affect us all.
    Creating artwork is an opportunity for me to embark on an endless journey, where I explore the interplay between my chosen subject and the boundless possibilities offered by painting as a versatile medium with a rich historical background. To me, it is essential to break away from conventional techniques, allowing room for spontaneity and unforeseen events to influence the semiotic and aesthetic essence of the form, all while adhering to the fundamental principles of form and color.
    With each series of works in the exhibition, I select simple shapes or images, like houses, boats, or cubic shapes, as a starting point. These objects provide a foundational path upon which I can unleash a flurry of changes, deconstructions, and reconstructions within the image. These shapes or images often have some initial connection to my experiences as a Middle Eastern immigrant. I consistently blend the semiotic and aesthetic meanings of the form in an accidental manner, aiming to strike a delicate balance between subject matter and content. My studio practices, which I undertake frequently and extensively alongside my theoretical studies, hold tremendous significance for me. The process of creating art is as important as the final product since they both provide new insights about the image.

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