AI & Education Scoping Project: Final Report

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  • The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) and the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta engaged in a partnership to organize a research and policy scoping initiative that would report on the expected impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in Education and the key ethical and policy issues that need attention. The goal was to survey the opportunities and issues regarding the applications of AI to education so as to guide the development of policy and research. Supported by funds from the ATA and KIAS, the scoping project was imagined as an ongoing dialogue between partners to explore ethical and policy implications of AI in Education (AIEdK-12), through the particular lens of teachers’ work.
    The purpose of the scoping project was to collaboratively develop an understanding of:

    • Important issues emerging from the literature on applications of AI to education.
    • Potential scenarios (how might teaching and learning be different with AI).
    • Key businesses developing AI systems for education and their claims for those systems.
    • Research needs in this area including ethics, data privacy issues, and policy research needs.
    • Policy recommendations that could be developed to usefully guide the introduction of AI in the education sector.

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