Literature Review: Design of Experiments in Cartilage Properties Research

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  • Design of Experiments (DOE) is often used in engineering as a method for determining the
    influence of one or more factors on the outcome of an experiment. In this paper, an analysis will be
    done of six papers that use DOE methods and include a property of cartilage as a factor to see what
    kind of factorial analysis is done, and if the properties of cartilage were significant. To do this,
    information from 163 articles that cited Statistical Methods in Finite Element Analysis by Dar et al.
    was collected, and six articles were identified for this literature review [1]. The type of factorial
    design was found in the article’s “methods” section, and the statistical significance was found using
    ANOVA results. It was found that four out of the six articles had done two experiments, and, out of
    the ten total experiments, 90% used a Fractional Factorial design method. Out of the six articles,
    66.7% found a property of cartilage to be a significant factor. The information from this report was
    used to determine efficient factorial designs and can be used to design experiments involving the
    properties of cartilage.

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