Allozyme survey and relationships of Limnoporus Stal species (Heteroptera: Gerridae)

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  • Five species of Limnoporus Stål (L. canaliculatus [Say], L. dissortis [Drake and Harris], L. nearcticus [Kelton], L. notabilis [Drake and Hottes], and L. rufoscutellatus [Latreille]) were each sampled at 20 electrophoretic loci. Twofold differences among species in mean heterozygosity appear to be unrelated to presence of wing dimorphism. Low heterozygosity in some populations within species may reflect geographic isolation. There were substantial differences in allele frequency among, but not within, species. Limnoporus rufoscutellatus from western Europe and L. nearcticus from Alaska were the most similar pair of species, with a Nei’s standard genetic identity that is generally found only between populations of the same species. Limnoporus canaliculatus was the most divergent species, and the relationship among L. dissortis, L. notabilis, and the L. rufoscutellatus – L. nearcticus pair is resolved as a trichotomy.

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    • Sperling, F. A. H., and Spence, J. R. (1990). Allozyme survey and relationships of Limnoporus Stål species (Heteroptera: Gerridae). The Canadian Entomologist 122(1), 29-42. DOI: